KWC - India, 2023 winner
Reuben Orville Sahae

About The Contest

The Karaoke World Championship India is the country’s most prestigious national karaoke talent competition. It brings together singers from all over India to compete with each other!

The auditions were online from the 1st of June 2023 till the end of September 2023. A total of 27 competitors participated in the finals held at Makhanlal University Auditorium, Bhopal on the 5th of October 2023.

Reuben Orville Sahae was selected as the winner by Finesse judge Toni Kristien. Muskan Mishra was adjudged 2nd and Kuldeep Golani was judged as 3rd. The competition was a success and it was made possible by the association of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University. A special thanks and gratitude to Audio & Lights, Bhopal and MyFM radio, Bhopal for supporting Master of Sounds.

Photographs & Videos

Auditions for 2024 to start from 1st Jan. 2024. The format and T & C will be announced in this website and

Common FAQs


In Karaoke World Championships a singer is eligible to participate when he does not have a regular income as a vocalist. 



KWC is organized worldwide by Singa. a leading streaming service currently available in the Nordics, United Kingdom and Australia, soon also in the USA and other markets.

Avoid boring. Sing karaoke!

Which songs can I choose?

You are free to perform any song you like in any language, style or genre. Should the song be in a language unknown to our video jury, we may ask for a translation in English.


The 22st annual Karaoke World Championships Finals will be held in Finland between 7th and 12th October 2024.

Karaoke World Championships is a competition with local organizations in different countries. These local KWC Partners send their national winners to represent their countries at the annual KWC Finals.