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Karaoke World Championships - INDIA 2024

Online entries are Closed - Finals are on 11th August at Pashupalan Auditorium, Nehru Nagar, Kotra Sultanabad, Bhopal. The event begins at 3:00PM

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The winner promotes to compete with the other 30+ countries at Turku, Finland (Oct 7th to 12th Oct 2024) and apart from this there are some more Grand Prizes to be won for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd positions, the prizes are sponsored by Diwan Start-up Promoters (helping the talent to grow).

Eligibility & Rules

In Karaoke World Championships singers are eligible to participate when they do not have a management contract or a recording contract as a singer with a major label or a production.

-18 is the minimum age to participate in KWC.

-The contestant must represent a country and be a citizen: has lived in the country for the past 3 years or have a citizenship (i.e. a national passport and social security number) of the country he or she is representing.

-Country partners are not eligible. If you are the person (or one of the persons) responsible in producing your national competition and forming your national jury, you can not participate as a singer. The only exception is in duets for first-time partners. They can join their contestant in the Duets competition but only once.

-The organizers reserve the right to make the final assessment regarding any entrant’s eligibility over and above these conditions of entry. Entrants may be asked to sign a legal document and provide proof regarding their eligibility.

All KWC competitions are judged according to the KWC Judging criteria
-Voice and technique: Quality of Voice, range, dynamics, skill, timing, breathing, pitch etc.
-Artistry and Stage Presence: Expressiveness, musicality, song choice, confidence, appearance and the special X factor in the performance

Always perform as if you were in front of an audience. Stage presence is one of the judging criteria.

We are looking for singers and karaoke lovers from all over the World. We are looking for aspiring talent and voices that should be heard in other countries. We are looking for the World Champions of karaoke!


The 22st annual Karaoke World Championships Finals will be held in Finland between 7th and 12th October 2024.

Karaoke World Championships is a competition with local organizations in different countries. These local KWC Partners send their national winners to represent their countries at the annual KWC Finals.

Karaoke World Championships Winner 2023

Ellie Butler, United Kingdom

KWC - INDIA 2023 - All that happened here ...

KWC - India, 2023 winner
Reuben Orville Sahae

The Contest & Winners

The Karaoke World Championship India is the country’s most prestigious national karaoke talent competition. It brings together singers from all over India to compete with each other!

The auditions were online from the 1st of June 2023 till the end of September 2023. A total of 27 competitors participated in the finals held at Makhanlal University Auditorium, Bhopal on the 5th of October 2023.

Reuben Orville Sahae was selected as the winner by Finesse judge Toni Kristien. Muskan Mishra was adjudged 2nd and Kuldeep Golani was judged as 3rd. The competition was a success and it was made possible by the association of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University. A special thanks and gratitude to Audio & Lights, Bhopal and MyFM radio, Bhopal for supporting Master of Sounds.

Photographs & Videos

While our India team with the winner Reuben could not make it toPanama due to VISA delay from the Panama immigration, a lot hapened at Panama and the British team won the 2023 Karaoke World Championships. 

The 2023 WORLD CHAMPION is Ellie Butler, United Kingdom

Common FAQs


KWC is organized worldwide by Singa. a leading streaming service currently available in the Nordics, United Kingdom and Australia, soon also in the USA and other markets.

Avoid boring. Sing karaoke!

Which songs can I choose?

You are free to perform any song you like in any language, style or genre. Should the song be in a language unknown to our video jury, we may ask for a translation in English.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach us out at or WhatsApp at +91 9893373883

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